Anonymous: So when Hanna makes a mistake it's the writer's fault but when Aria does, she's a bitch? L o L.

wow i didn’t say she is a bitch, i actually even said ”aria would never say that”



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could you imagine being there though like, i’d just glide over to the local bakery on my ice skates to get some cannolis or some shit wearing pink fur earmuffs

Anonymous: I'm seriously starting to think that the girls (except hannah) developped a stockholm syndrome toward Ali, like she is basically the only one why they are going through all those ridiculous things and especially Em is like 'wow no she is flawless, she is but a poor victim and you can always trust whatever she says'. I was honestly happy when hannah was helping Ali to get away because she was finally doing the right thing to get her life back

I honestly don’t like Alison and she can leave and i’d be totally ok with that. She is totally different from the girls and besides Emily i don’t really think she likes the girls. But I don’t think Spencer is helping Ali at all, and Aria isn’t as well. Emily is the only one who is always talking to her, but still i don’t think she trusts Alison.

If this is everyday homicide instead of the supernatural kind, then maybe we can give them the day off from the world of murder and massacres.

Anonymous: aria's reaction annoyed me so much and saying that hanna is always the problem made me want to slap her because hanna did blabber about new york to cindy but she's not the one who ran to her ex-stalker-boyfriend and told him everything


Every Pretty Little Liars Episode5x06- Run, Ali, Run

"What’s worse than death?"

"I don’t know how else to say this so I guess I’ll just say it. Zack hit on me."


From the moment I saw you, I knew I was gonna spend the rest of my life avoiding you.


what the fuck is going on in the pll’s writers heads? i mean these girls were friends for more than 5 years and Hanna never lied about something like that and they were always so close.

now all of a sudden when she tells them that she was sexually harassed they’re not showing any little concern and tell her it’s all in her head? if my friends ever did something like that to me i wouldn’t be their friend anymore because that means they are the absolutely shittiest friends there are.

i’m disgusted right now. 

Anonymous: do you still like pll like you used to?

i love hanna and spencer and that’s all that i know <3

but i don’t like the show as much as i used to

and the award for “asshole of the year” goes to aria montgomery